Quality Inside and Out

What Sets Lanart Bears Apart

Much of what makes Lanart’s Alpaca bears such a distinctive high quality is what you can’t see. Lanart believes it makes the best Alpaca bear anywhere because of:

  • The care and effort that goes into hand selecting the pelts and other high quality materials.
  • The proprietary process that goes into the tanning.
  • A craftsmanship developed over the last 30 years that is used in the stitching.
  • Design that adheres to U.S. safety standards.

To underscore this, we were recently recognized by the Peruvian government for our Alpaca bears and friends. We were awarded by receiving the Best Practices in Manufacturing and Marketing (BPMM). Moreover, we are the only company to pass this rigorous certification for bear manufacturing – each stage of manufacturing was monitored from pelt selection to finished production.

Lanart designed and constructed a facility especially suited for Alpaca bear manufacturing as well as other lines that have been developed. Our site eased the process from pelt selection to tanning, beginning cutting and sewing stages, to stuffing, and final back stitching procedures.

Today, customers often visit the site in Arequipa, Peru to find out how our Alpaca bear is made from scratch, and to meet the Lanart team of artists that create and finish the bears with each having its own unique expression and personality.

While the company has experienced growth and change, the Classic Alpaca Bear remains constant. Each includes a customized countenance defined by the trimming of the eyes, sewing of the nose, and unique composition of the fur.

Lanart believes it makes the best Alpaca bear anywhere because every bear is lovingly designed, cut, sewn, stuffed, and stitched. The bears and friends are alive with personality and attitude and they help people connect in a fun, personal and meaningful way.

The History of the Alpaca Bear

In 1979, Angelo Ponce was playing with his daughter, Dianita and saw the potential of combining the luxurious Alpaca fur and her love of teddy bears. Surprised to see that all of her teddy bears were made of synthetic fiber, Ponce was inspired to bring a favorite American tradition to a classic fiber of his Latin roots by handcrafting bears made from Alpaca. A studied sculptor, he created the first bear as a soft sculpture. “Junior” was born from his artistic eye and love for his daughter.

In 1985, Lanart branched out and enriched its Alpaca bear collection with a line of Alpaca “friends”. New designs opened doors and became the creative spark of our business.

Angelo had been working with Alpaca and travelling to Peru to work with cottage industries to reproduce “Junior” and develop his new line of luxury Alpaca Bears. He realized the need to control all aspects of production due to variation in pelts, processing chemicals used, and skill differences. The concept of supervising every step of the process was born. LANART was determined to ensure quality and safety control.

This care and craftsmanship may not initially be apparent, can be found throughout all the products that Lanart makes. We encourage you to look at our other fine quality Alpaca products.