Royan Ankle Alpaca Slipper Socks



Our luxury Royan alpaca sock now comes as a hand crafted slipper! This cozy slipper is half half baby alpaca sock, half moccasin. The thick alpaca slipper socks feels great against chilly skin, ensuring your feet stay toasty warm. The llama leather soles are more durable and sturdy for walking. This combination of leather sole and alpaca upper provide maximum comfort.

~ Pull-on style
~ Classic Comfort Sole
~ Full grain llama leather soul
~ Hand sewn super stitch
~ Hunter sock uppers of 80% baby alpaca
~ 100% llama leather sole
~ small size 5-6 women
~ medium 7-10 women, 6-8 men
~ large 11-12 women, 8-10 men
~ x-large 10-14 men

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