Mini Alpaca 4 inches



This mini Huacaya sculpturei tries to capture the grace and beauty of the real alpaca. Made from Huacaya fur, this guy is unbelievably soft. This is our lovely Alpaca Mini Alpaca form our line of furry friends. Our marvelous Mini Alpaca is super soft.This little guy shows the creativity and fascination that our designers have with nature. The supreme softness of alpaca is perfect in this adorable Mini Alpaca. This detailed craftsmanship have been our tradition since 1979. He is handmade from genuine animal-friendly alpaca fur that undergoes a special tanning process. Lovingly stitched by our experienced LANART artisans for a very special Mini Alpaca.

~ Each Mini Alpaca is lovingly crafted by hand
~ Stuffed and stitched by hand to give an expressive face
~ Made of fine alpaca with an embroidered nose and safety eyes
~ Fair Trade from Peru
~ Exterior wash only
~ Animal-friendly fur

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