Felted Herdsire Suri Alpaca 12"



This fabulous Herdsire is our largest sized needle felted suri alpaca. He is made entirely by hand, and proudly stands 12.5 inches tall. Each face is sewn and created with love. He comes in rich natural colors that reflect a small portion of his vast color scheme in nature. In addition, we have added brilliant colors which we dye by hand in small batches to attain an intense hue (made to order). Just like the live animals, this guy would do well in a herd. The traditional chullo hats, complete with ear holes, is hand knit perfectly for this big guys' head.
~ The yarn recreates the long, silky locks of the suri alpaca
~ Each piece is artistically crafted by hand
~ Fair Trade from Peru
~ Handmade Chullo (hat) sold separately

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