Alpaca Teddy Bear: Fun size 4"



This precious teddy bear is made from animal-friendly huacaya alpaca fur. Characterized by its curls and crimp, this plush bear is super huggable and totally irresistible to the touch. Our Petite Teddy Bear is part of our signature line, that we have been making since 1979. Our experience is evident in the exceptional quality of our teddy bear collection; they are super soft and ready to embrace anyone. This detailed craftsmanship has been our tradition since 1979. She is handmade from genuine alpaca fur that undergoes a special tanning process. Each one is lovingly stitched by our experienced LANART fur experts for a very special Alpaca Teddy Bear.

Sizes are Approximate.

~ Each alpaca bear is lovingly crafted by hand
~ Stuffed and stitched by hand to give an expressive face
~ Made of fine alpaca with an embroidered nose and safety eyes
~ Fair Trade from Peru
~ Exterior wash only
~ Animal-friendly fur

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