LANART prides itself in its hand crafted quality and innovation. We insist on quality and consistency, yet our products always have an artistic flare.

Our dedication to the sustainability of our planet is practiced through our hand crafting. Each product must go through a rigorous process. We require diligent consideration through procuring raw materials, processing these materials, crafting and refining products for sale, and distribution. We upcycle and recycle whenever possible. Nothing is wasted or lost and our only gain is caring for our planet.

Years ago, we began team building exercises in which each shop took half a day to create a new product to show case. It was brilliant to see everyone engaged,creative, and resourceful. Materials from other shops were used like never before. This was so successful that we now have regular days dedicated for tapping into the creative side of our employees and allow them to design something new. This allows us to incorporate new ideas and creativity into our products. New products and revamped classic styles are the lifeblood of our company and community. We are serious about consistent quality because we want our customers to trust the reliability of our products and know that they are true to form and dependable. We have conlasistently review designs, patterns, and colors to ensure our products’ quality and to make improvements or adjustments. A constant review of designs, patterns, and colors to make improvements.

Our founder, Angelo Ponce, studied art at Queens College shortly after immigrating to America from Latin America. A sculptor at heart, his passion for creating has set the stage for our company’s culture of innovation. Although we have a talented designer, everybody at LANART is encouraged to explore new ideas and help our company grow.